Dear Author of [popular advice book]:

Your book is amazing. I know that following your advice would definitely help me reach my goal. You get to the bottom of my problem so convincingly. The truth is, though, that I’m not only really busy at {work]/[[home] but I also get distracted very easily. Please advise.

With gratitude, Your very honest reader

Dear Very Honest Reader:

Thank you for writing. I could not be more thrilled that you see how my advice will transform your life [professionally/personally]. I have made it easy for you to follow the advice by breaking it down into steps. Have you tried using Evernote or writing in the margins?

Happy reading,  Author of [extremely popular advice book]

Dear Author of [extremely popular advice book],

I am incredibly grateful that you took the time to write me back! I do love to use technology, but find that taking notes in Evernote is time-consuming and I almost never go back and look at them. And then even if I do, I forget to use what I learned on a daily basis. Have you ever considered adding an app to your book which I could download into my phone to remind me what to do and track my progress?

With gratitude again, Your extremely hopeful reader

Dear Extremely Hopeful Reader,

I can see how that would benefit you. In fact, I would love to know how you are using my advice on a daily basis by your use of an app. However, I am not a techie. I have invested a huge amount of time writing my book and I do not have the time — or a 5 figure budget — to develop an app.

With apologies, Your wish-I-could-give-my-readers-an-app non-techie Author

Dear Reader and Author,

Your wish is our command. The AdviceCoach app lives in your mobile device and reminds you exactly what to do (in the way you like to be reminded) and tracks your progress as you use the advice in your daily life. You engage with the advice so personally that you reach your goal/solve your problem in exactly the way the author knew you would. You are excited/relieved and the author is validated for having taken so much time to write the book (and it was much easier and less expensive to create the app than ever expected!)

To a long-term relationship between the two of you, AdviceCoach