If you’ve written a non-fiction advice book, I’d like you to see the results of the research we conducted with your readers.

I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating , as we did, that an app, partnered with a book, could be so effective at solving the problems readers shared with us.

We interviewed readers of advice/how-to books across various topics, such as career, parenting, self-improvement, business, psychology, and presentation skills among others, to learn about their buying behavior and experiences with the books.


  1. I buy books that are referred to me by my friends, family and co-workers to help me reach a goal or solve a problem.
  2. I’m really inspired while reading the book but afterwards I forget to act on the advice.
  3. I take notes but then rarely, if ever, go back to them.
  4. I have a hard time staying motivated even though I know that it would help me a lot to follow the advice.
  5. I know a coach would help me get it done, but they are expensive and vary in quality.

To us, it became clear that an app could solve their problems, whether they needed reminders, increased motivation or affordable coaching and accountability. So, we created a mock-up of an app for a few very popular books and tested them with readers.


The app was designed to solve their pain points. It reminded them of the specific actions they were supposed to take. It helped them schedule the actions and then reschedule easily, as needed. It reminded them to act with a trigger (photo) that emotionally connected them with their personal motivation. And, it tracked their progress as they accumulated wins until they succeeded at putting whatever parts of the book into an action that mattered to them.

The response was universal: why doesn’t every book come bundled with an app like this?!

AdviceCoach is the fastest, most affordable way to create an app for your book, and transform your relationship with readers forever.

Did you know that on Bookbub’s list of 41 book genres, “advice and how-to” ranks #11 overall above literary fiction, chick lit and young adult? The audience for advice is huge and growing quickly given the increasing number of blogs and self-publishing authors. To differentiate your book from the others and stand out online, you need to serve your readers as best as you can.

We knew that breaking down the book into easy-to-schedule steps and tracking progress would work because that’s been proven by Fitbit, the Apple Watch and other wearables. But we wanted to go a step further and give every reader the best possible personalized experience. To make sure that they would succeed, we had to base the entire app on the principles of motivational psychology, cognitive flow, and purposeful action. So we did.

To set us apart from habit/goal apps and simple note taking technology, our fully-featured version of the app is based on the five stages of commitment (Pre-Priming, Priming, Preparation, Performance, and Evaluation) to keep the readers motivated throughout their engagement with the app. It’s our “secret sauce” that offers an incredible competitive advantage to our authors and readers.

The benefits of having an interactive app:

Watch your advice change lives as your readers work through your methodologies
See their progress — and their stumbling blocks — and start a unique conversation.
Connect with your readers around their engagement with the material – far greater than the connection of just buying your book
Learn from your readers to shape the way you market yourself and plan for future books and service offerings.
And, easily add exclusive content and build your reputation as a thought-leader who is actively connected and in-tune with your audience.

The authors who make the investment to connect with, learn from and enhance their readers’ experiences through additional content will create and grow a loyal community of followers who benefit from and share their thought leadership.

SUMMARY — 3 Ways an app will sell more books

Readers need help taking the advice from a book and then actually applying it to their lives. Books bundled with an app will solve this pain point. Readers will buy more books that come with an app.(and then will tell everyone they know about it)
Mobile technology is now the defacto choice for getting reminders — through push notifications and SMS. An app can send a reminder; a book cannot. Readers will buy more books that they can interact with on their phone.
An interactive app converts books into living, breathing activities which can be shared between readers and authors, forging a long-term relationship around solving a problem or reaching a goal.

We are currently accepting 30 published authors by March 1 into our Beta Launch Program.

As a Beta Author you will:
– Receive our limited-time price of $1,500 for your first app
– Be among the very first authors who offer both a book AND an app
– Provide feedback on app design and development

To sign up, or schedule a demo, visit http://www.advicecoach.com or email info@advicecoach.com.