In the Spring of 2014, I had a problem. After reading every word of every “How to Write Your Novel” book, I was still on page 7. I tried working with a coach, but that became too expensive and too embarrassing as I missed deadline after deadline.

I drove back to the bookstore to find a “How to Write” book that came with an app. I figured a book app would remind me what I needed to get done, help me schedule each small step and keep me accountable. I needed my phone to nag me.

Turning over each book looking for “App Included”, I found nothing. Maybe writers don’t use apps?

I decided to look in other aisles.

Business books? No apps.

Career advice? None.

Parenting? Weight Loss? Personal Development? Financial Planning? Entrepreneurship?


By now, apps had changed my life. Those delightful shortcuts delivered groceries, predicted my arrival time, connected me to my tribe and even made dinner reservations! Many things in my life get done so much more easily using an app.

So why isn’t there a delightful shortcut to help me use expert advice to reach a goal or solve a problem? And while I’m asking, why can’t it combine the book’s advice with psychology’s best practices about how we stay motivated?

AdviceCoach is the answer.

We are passionate about making it simple to become your best future self.  We are obsessed with letting everyone decide for themselves what advice will help them, how they want to implement it and whether or not they want to shout out each milestone or keep it to themselves.

Eventually, AdviceCoach’s platform will make it simple for anyone to create an app for their advice — authors, authors-to-be, teachers, doctors, TedX-ers, even bloggers.

Join us on our mission to promote self-efficacy to create a world of proud achievers.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

– Susannah

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